LED News

13 November 2017

Additional Intelligent Lighting Controls

We are proud to offer to our customers a full automation, wireless switching technology and motion sensor control combined with daylight switch to maximize their savings. […]
9 November 2017

LED Technology and Benefits

Everything about LED benefits and technology

Learn more about LED Lighting technology. LED light sources can offer several potential benefits compared to metal halide, mercury vapour or fluorescent lighting. These benefits fall into 6 main categories, as follows.

9 November 2017

Other Environmental Considerations

Go Green LED and Reduce Reuse and Recycle

Go Green LED lighting specialists are dedicated to protecting the environment by providing high quality, environmentally friendly LED lighting and reducing CO2 emissions and energy for New Zealand.

9 November 2017

LED Lighting Design by Go Green LED

Book a FREE Lighting Design

Lighting design is an important and specialized aspect to your new or old development whether it is a simple workshop, office or warehouse.

9 November 2017

FREE Lighting Assessment

Book a FREE Lighting Assessment

Go Green LED lighting specialist’s technician will visit you on-site and undertake a Lighting Assessment. This assessment will take about 30-90 minutes depends on the size of the company where assessment is made.

9 November 2017

LED vs. Other Lighting Options

It's time to switch to LED

LED lights are inherently directional light sources and offer better optical control than alternative older light sources like fluorescent, metal halide, mercury vapour and high pressure sodium lamps.

9 November 2017

Who we are and what we do?

All about Go Green LED Lighting Specialists Ltd.

Go Green LED Lighting Specialists was found in 2011 and our vision is to deliver leading lighting technologies to the New Zealand market. We supply products and services that help our customers to become more energy.

9 November 2017

Saving’s with LED lights

Start your own savings marathon

ED lighting can bring you savings in many different ways. Save Money by Reducing Consumption, Save Money by Reducing Maintenance Costs, Power lines saving, CO2 emission savings ...