Additional Intelligent Lighting Controls

We are proud to offer to our customers a full automation, wireless switching technology and motion sensor control combined with daylight switch to maximize their savings.

ZigBee wireless control

Optional feature to Hi-Star Series, H-Series and Pro-Rack Series is Zigbee wireless control. With this feature you are able to control your lights absolutely wirelessly over your computer, tablet or mobile phone. This way you can control each light separately and trough operational software all those can be programed with timers, online monitoring, motion sensors and daylight switches to absolutely maximize your savings. It provides an absolutely precise control of your lighting, exactly in the right time you need it.

LED’s Lights with Zigbee wireless control

DALI control

DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface. DALI control have similar performance like ZigBee wireless control, just DALI is much more expensive to set up, as each light fitting have to have additional 12V DC cable to be wired in. This set up is great for new building where electrical wiring.

LED’s Lights with DALI control

Daylights switch

This feature is perfect solution for areas where daylight collectors are used on the top of the roof of the building, or for outside areas where lighting should be avoided during day and operate just in night hours.

LED’s Lights with Sensor with day lights switch

Microwave motion sensor

Optional feature to Hi-Star Series, H-Series and Pro-Rack Series is dimmable microwave sensor with daylights switch. This feature is perfect for areas with daylight collector or for areas where the presence of staff is lower than 60% at the time. Our latest microwave daylights are the revolution of motion sensors as it can easily sense a motion over many types of materials and assure great working reliability and sensing.

LED’s Lights with Microwave Motion Sensor

Dimming function

Dimming function is achieved by these 3 ways in most of our LED lights:
1. 1-10V DC
2. PWM signal
3. Resistance

Dimmable LED’s

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