LED Lighting Design by Go Green LED

Lighting design is an important and specialized aspect to your new or old development whether it is a simple workshop, office or warehouse.
Correctly bright up area can bring you an amazing savings and create great visual conditions.

New Installation

  • We will use our lighting design to stimulate the correct light distribution, Lux level and keep excellent light uniformity across the floor and machinery. A great solution to see a result before you purchase the product, so you do it once and correctly.

Old Installation

  • Old installations can be often wrongly designed with many faults. We aim to spot faults like light waste or; over bright or; wrongly set up areas. Lighting design will easily solve any brightness fault left behind, will target exactly which lux level your work place need and also improve visual comfort.

For further information’s how lighting design and lighting assessment can benefit your company.
Please contact Go Green LED lighting specialists here with your requirements: Book a FREE lighting design

Lighting design Lighting design Lighting design

The LED lighting design is made perfectly to meet AS/NZS standards