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This lighting assessment will identify how you currently use your lighting and current lighting technology used in your facility. The purpose of lighting assessment is to report to client areas with old low efficient fixture where energy is wasted and spot places where light is wasted, over bright or wrongly set up. This assessment will determine your energy savings, CO2 emissions reducement and your payback period.

Go Green LED lighting specialist’s technician will visit you on-site and undertake a Lighting Assessment. This assessment will take about 30-90 minutes depends on the size of the company where assessment is made.

In this lighting assessment we will:

  • Explain the benefits of LED Lighting
  • Walk through assessment of your current lighting and do on-site lux level reading
  • Spot areas where light is wasted, over bright or wrongly set up
  • Provide expertise and lighting design to target required lux level
  • Provide detailed report and recommendation, as some areas could have bigger savings and faster payback.

Once the lighting assessment its completed we will sent to your email. For further information how lighting design and lighting assessment can benefit your company please contact Go Green LED lighting specialists here: Book a FREE lighting assessment