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About Us Go Green
LED Lighting Specialists

Who we are

Go Green LED Lighting Specialists Ltd. is a high quality provider of industrial and commercial LED lights for New Zealand. All products have gone through a careful selection process and local testing to ensure they are made of high quality components and compatible with New Zealand and Australian safety standards.

Go Green LED Lighting Specialists was found in 2011 and our vision is to deliver leading lighting technologies to the New Zealand market, and in particular, to provide high quality and environmentally friendly LED lighting products which meet the highest possible technical standards. We use only the highest quality components, like Meanwell LED driver including LED chips of most famous brands like Phillips Luxeon, Nichia, CREE and Bridgelux.

What we do

At Go Green we are happy to provide engineering expertise and recommendations on how to best achieve the desired lighting distribution and effect through LED lighting solutions.

We supply products and services that help our customers to become more energy efficient and to reduce their lighting-related carbon footprint. We aim to ensure that New Zealand is kept up to date in the latest technology and design, by regularly attending and participating in major lighting Fairs in Europe and China.

Radek Baran - CEO, Director of Go Green LED Lighting Specialists

FREE Lighting Assessment

  • Go Green LED offers you a Free Lighting Assessment. Our technician will visit you on the site check in your facilities your current installations, lux level and lighting technology used. This assessment will provide you with some detailed additional information such as: site report, ROI, saving chart and carbon emission reductions. For more details, please visit:
Lighting Assessment

FREE lighting design

  • Go Green LED offers you a LED Lighting Design presenting the most accurate lighting to meet your specific needs. Some installations are often wrongly designed with many faults. We aim to spot and fixed faults like light waste or; over bright or; wrongly set up areas. For more details, please visit:
LED Lighting Design

Additional Intelligent LED Lighting Controls

  • Part of our service is to offer to our customers a full automation, wireless switching technology and motion sensor lighting control combined with daylight switch to maximize their savings. For more details, please visit:
Intelligent LED Lighting Controls

New Zealand Standards:

  • Go Green LED products comply with New Zealand electrical and safety standards. We ensure we obtain and check the required manufacturers documents and certificates. If you have concerns about any of our products, please feel free to contact us here:
Contacts details